Workspaces & Member Roles

Your workspace

Your account in Metrika comes with a Workspace where you can collaborate with the rest of your team in monitoring the health & performance of your nodes depending on each team member's role (see below).

You can invite & remove people from your Workspace by reaching out to and letting us know the user’s email address and member role.

Member roles

Your Metrika account comes with 2 different roles, Admin & Standard. Admin members have full read and write access throughout the platform, while Standard members have read-only access. Included below is more information on the level of access associated with each role.


  • Access to the Metrika Node Agent installation page to install the Node Agent

  • Can remove nodes

  • Can view, add, modify, mute & remove alerts

  • Can setup alert notification integrations

  • Can view dashboards

  • Can delete personal account

    • Note: A workspace must have one admin in it. If you’re the last admin, you’ll be asked to assign another member the Admin role before deleting your personal account


  • Can view alerts

  • Can view dashboards

  • Can delete personal account

Deleting a workspace

To delete a workspace, please reach out to If you delete a workspace, all the individual members will be removed from the workspace, and any data associated with your workspace will be lost.

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