Validator Details Dashboard

The Validator Details dashboard provides validator-specific metrics. Select any validator and navigate to a drill-down into their performance and activity over a selected time frame.

  • Validator Stats: Check current validator status through a set of key parameters including Registered Voting Networks, Voting Power, Commission Rate, Jailed and Status.

  • Vote History and Latest Votes: Track voting participation by registered network/chain. Use the Latest Votes table to check for detailed voting history including the poll id and the network it belongs to. Block height refers to the block the vote has been cast. If the validator abstained, the block height points to the voting event. The Latest Abstain/No Votes shows only the most recent “no” votes and the polls a validator did not participate in to facilitate troubleshooting.

  • Sent Heartbeats: look for any gaps during the selected timeframe to identify missed heartbeats and compare with the network average. Validator liveness in Axelar is signaled via a “heartbeat” response that is sent every 50 blocks which is approximately 1 heartbeat every 5 minutes.

  • Delegations & Stake: Monitor a validator’s staking performance over time. Decrease in stake may be the result of slashing or delegators removing their stake.

  • Missed Blocks: Check a validator is signing blocks as expected and compare with the network average.

  • Signing Participation: Monitor validator participation in signing requests.

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