Network Upgrade Dashboard

The Network Upgrade dashboard tracks key insights around the health of an upgrade. Monitor client releases, network readiness, and the impact an upgrade is having on network performance all in one spot. This dashboard is divided into 4 sections.

Network Upgrade Progression

Learn when and on which network the next upgrade will be deployed next.

Client Readiness

Track the readiness of consensus and execution clients for the upgrade on the upcoming network in the network upgrade progression. Check:

  • which clients have released an upgrade-compatible version

  • the version of the latest Github release and the release date

  • the number of downloads

Network Readiness

This section tracks how prepared the network is to support an upgrade by aggregating Mainnet node-specific data collected from the consensus layer p2p network. Track:

  • the percentage of mainnet nodes running a consensus client version that supports the network upgrade

  • the percentage of mainnet nodes with the next fork version set to the value representing the next upgrade

  • the percentage of mainnet nodes with fork digest that identifies the upgrade

Network Performance

Track the impact an upgrade is having on network performance. Monitor:

  • the number of epochs till the next upgrade

  • the number of blocks proposed per epoch

  • the rate of validators expected to attest to blocks that are actually attesting

  • the finalization distance

  • the attestation distance

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