Node Overview Dashboard

The Node Overview dashboard provides a high-level view into the health & performance of your Flow nodes alongside the status of the Flow network.

Flow Network Status

At the top of the page, you’ll notice Flow’s Network Status indicators, here you can see the operational health of the Flow network and the status of each node role.

These statuses are monitored and displayed by the Flow status page here. They track KPIs of the Flow network such as the current block height and block production rate.

Node Overview Table

The Node Overview table provides a holistic view into your fleet of nodes, the metrics that impact rewards, and everything you need to determine which nodes need your attention. By default, the Node Overview table is sorted by:

  • Alerts (firing → not firing)

  • Data Errors (data errors → no data errors)

  • Uptime (low to high)

  • Node version (oldest to newest)

  • Hostname (a -> z)

Node Overview Color Indicators

To help you quickly identify which nodes need your attention, the Node Overview table uses color indicators on the row and column levels to communicate the severity of an issue. Included below is an overview of the different color indicators and how they’re defined.

Row Level Color Indicators

  • Grey: One or more columns are waiting for data.

  • Red: One of the metrics is in a warning state, one or more alerts are firing or one of the columns is experiencing a data issue

  • Green: All the columns are populated, no alerts are firing, no columns are in a warning state and there are no data errors

Column Level Color Indicators

  • Uptime: The column value will turn red if uptime is less than 80%

  • Node Software Version: The column value will turn red if the node isn’t on the latest node software version for its respective node role

  • Alerts: The column value will turn red if an alert is firing

Node Overview Labels

To the right of the Hostname, you may see one of three labels:

  • New: A new node has been added to the Metrika Platform. This tag will persist for 24 hours after the node is first identified

  • Agent Offline: The Metrika node agent is offline and is no longer sending data to the Metrika Platform. By hovering over the icon, you can see how long its been since the agent last made contact with the Metrika platform

  • Muted Notifications: Alert notifications have been muted

Node Overview Settings

On the right side of the Node Overview table, you’ll find the settings icon. With the settings menu, you can:

  • Mute alerts for a node

    • This will mute all alerts for the corresponding node

  • Remove a node

    • This is only enabled when the agent is offline. For more information on uninstalling, please see the Uninstalling section in the knowledge base article here

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