Getting Started

To start monitoring your Flow nodes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Reach out to to sign your team up with Metrika so everyone has access to a shared workspace. Please provide the following:

    • The name of your organization

    • The email address of each user to include in the organization

      • Please use an email address associated with a Google or GitHub account they’ll use to log in

    • User roles (admin - full read/write access vs standard - read access only)

  2. Once you have access to the Metrika Platform, install the Metrika Node Agent. In the Metrika Platform, go to the Install Agents page by clicking on Install Agents in the sidebar. Choose the one-line install command that aligns with your node, agent, & proxy combination.

    • More information about the Metrika Node Agent can be found here

    • More information about the Flow Networks we support is available here

  3. Once the agent is up and running, visit the Metrika Platform to confirm data is coming through to the platform.

    • To learn more about the dashboards and charts throughout the Metrika platform, visit the dashboard overview here and the metrics overview here

  4. By default, the Metrika Platform provides out-of-the-box alerts for each node role. To setup alert notifications for PagerDuty, Slack, OpsGenie, Webhook, Discord, or Telegram follow the steps here

    • More information about each alert and troubleshooting issues can be found here.

  5. That’s it! You’re ready to use Metrika to monitor the health and performance of your Flow nodes.

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