Missed Attestations

What are Missed Attestation alerts?

According to the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake protocol, each validator holding the minimum required amount of ETH, must send a vote (called an attestation) once per epoch (32 slots). Oftentimes, issues such as a high CPU usage, low peer count, or network problems can cause a validator to miss one or more consecutive attestations. Given that a single missed attestation is not an unusual event, to inform users about potential issues while at the same time preventing alert fatigue, we provide an alert when two consecutive attestations have been missed.

How are attestation alerts triggered?

Missed attestation alerts get triggered approximately after every epoch (32 slots), or 6.4 minutes. Once our alerting system identifies that a validator has missed two consecutive attestations, an alert will be triggered.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive a single notification per validator you are subscribed to informing you when an attestation issue has occurred. If the issue persists two consecutive epochs, you will not receive any additional notifications, but its status will remain “Firing” in the Metrika platform. Once the issue is resolved (your validator attested for two consecutive epochs), you will receive a single notification informing you about the resolution of the attestation issue.

How do I resolve it?

There may be various root causes causing this alert. Here are some recommended checks on your validator’s health to identify the potential issue:

  • Check that your node is connected to the internet.

  • Check that the clock of your node has not drifted.

  • Check that your node has not fallen behind the rest of the network.

  • Check that your node is connected to other peers.

  • Check that your node is connected to sufficient peers.

  • Check that some key system level metrics (e.g., CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk Space) of your node exhibit normal behavior.

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