Network Software Upgrade

What are Network Software Upgrade alerts?

In order for a network software upgrade to be implemented, a software upgrade proposal needs to go through the Axelar governance process. This helps ensure that upgrades are implemented smoothly and do not cause any issues or vulnerabilities in the network. The process involves the following steps:

  • A software upgrade proposal is submitted for voting. Validators can see important information about the proposal such as the changes, the voting period, and the upgrade height here.

  • Validators vote either in favor or against the upgrade. A proposal is typically open for 24 hours, but can conclude earlier if majority is achieved.

  • If approved, the software upgrade proposal will be implemented and nodes will need to be upgraded at the upgrade height.

How are Network Software Upgrade alerts triggered?

Our alerting system evaluates network software upgrade alerts every 5 minutes. Once it identifies that a software upgrade proposal with a unique id has been submitted for voting, an alert will be triggered.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive a single notification informing you that a new software upgrade proposal has been submitted. The alert will be in firing state until the proposal concludes (passes or gets rejected) or the voting period ends. Once the proposal concludes, you will receive a follow-up clearing notification informing you about the status of the proposal.

What steps should I follow?

  • If you are a validator, you should vote for the upgrade proposal before the voting period ends. A proposal is typically open for 24 hours.

  • If the proposal passes (you will receive a notification stating that the alert has cleared and the proposal status is PROPOSAL_STATUS_PASSED), you will need to upgrade your node.

The proposal voting and node upgrade instructions are provided by Axelar and can be found under the Upgrades section here.

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