Network Overview Dashboard

Axelar is a decentralized interoperability network which enables cross-chain communication and one of the main use cases is the ability to make asset transfers across other connected blockchain networks. The Network Overview dashboard monitors the cross-chain activity on the Axelar Network by tracking cross-chain events, bridge account addresses, and keygen/corruption signing thresholds. What is more, it monitors the underlying consensus layer including block production and proposers analysis.


Here, you can view the max, average, and most recently observed block interval time statistics and how these are trending over time. In a healthy state, a consistent number of blocks is being produced. The block distribution table groups block times in intervals of 6 seconds which is the normal average of the Axelar network - a higher than normal concentration of blocks with high interval times suggest that the network slowdown is persistent or that the network is undergoing an upgrade. Note that the latest Block Interval Time is defined as the average block interval time over a latest 15-minute period.

"Proposers" summarizes the number of times a validator has become a “proposer” of blocks. An issue related with block production may be associated with issues of a specific proposer and this heatmap can help visually identify these as they would likely result in a number of proposer blocks that is lower than normal. Aggregate statistics by proposer, including the average and maximum block interval times and the total number of proposed blocks are provided in the “Block Stats” table.

Other Cross-Chain Info

Cross-chain activity refers to the events that are triggered to fulfill cross-chain transfers between the Axelar network and the external chains. These events do not include IBC-related events that allow communication between Axelar and other Cosmos chains. Axelar leverages the IBC protocol to connect to other Cosmos chains (e.g. Cosmoshub) and enables transfers of assets native to these Cosmos chains, via the Axelar network, to the external chains.

  • Events: Monitors cross-chain activity including Execute Pending Transfers, Link, Sign Commands, Sign Pending Transfers, Sign Tx, Confirm ERC20 Deposit, Confirm Deposit, Submit Multisig Signatures Request, Submit Multisig Pub Keys Request, Create Pending Transfers, KeyGen Start, Register Chain Maintainer

  • Bridge Account Address: Lists gateway addresses and token addresses for easy reference. Bridge accounts are created on each supported chain to control the flow of information and assets to and from these chains. They are implemented as smart contracts in the chains with smart contracts functionality and the Gateway Address points to that contract. When a user successfully transfers any of the supported assets to any of the external chains, they can use the associated Token Address (e.g. Avalanche UST Wrapped Token Address) to track the transferred asset in their wallet. The Bridge Account Address table lists all these addresses for easy reference. The list is updated as more networks are added to Axelar.

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