Withdrawals Overview Dashboard

The Withdrawals Overview dashboard provides a validator with relevant information to prepare for and track their withdrawals, as well as an overview of the withdrawals process across the network. It is split into 4 sections:

Check Withdrawal Address

Search a validator by public key to see:

  • if it has a type-1 (0x01) withdrawal address set. If it does not, you can prepare an address change message by following these instructions

  • the total amount of ETH the validator has staked

  • the last amount of ETH transferred to the validator's withdrawal address

  • the amount of time that has passed since a withdrawal was processed

Network Stats

This section tracks some key network statistics as well as the number of validators that have type-1 withdrawal addresses, the number that have used Consensus Layer Withdrawal Protection (CLWP), and the latest withdrawal validator index.


  • Queues: Monitor the size of the exit and activation queues.

  • Net Change of Active Validators: Difference between the number of validators that exited and the number of validators that activated in the selected time period.

  • Activated/Slashed/Exited: Number of validators that activated/were slashed/exited in the selected time period.

  • Circulating ETH supply: Amount of ETH that has been burned or deposited vs ETH that has been withdrawn.

  • Net Change of Circulating Supply: Difference between ETH that was burned or deposited vs ETH that was withdrawn in the selected time period.

  • ETH Withdrawn/Burned/Deposited: Amount of ETH that was withdrawn/burned/deposited in the selected time period.

  • Total Balance Area: Visualize the distribution of balances on The Beacon Chain by validator status.

  • Average Stake and Active Validators: Track the number of active validators and their average stake over time.

  • ETH Withdrawn: Monitor the cumulative quantity of ETH withdrawn from the Beacon Chain.

  • Average Withdrawal Size: Track the average size of withdrawals from the Beacon Chain.

  • Withdrawals per Block: The average number of eligible withdrawals added to the withdrawal queue per block.

Largest Withdrawers

Track the amount of ETH withdrawn to the addresses that have withdrawn the most ETH, split by withdrawal type.

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