We’re excited to partner with Dapper Labs and the Flow Foundation to bring our Node Monitoring Platform to the Flow Network. Metrika and Dapper Labs have a long-standing partnership that’s evolved to serve the growing needs of the Flow ecosystem that’s dependent on the health & performance of the Flow Network. Powered by Metrika’s Node Monitoring platform, Flow is:

  • Accelerating decentralization efforts

  • Improving operational efficiency, security & network reliability

  • Fueling the growth of the Flow ecosystem

With the Node Monitoring Platform, Node Operators have end-to-end visibility into their fleet of nodes and can proactively address performance issues before they impact the health of the Flow network. As part of the Node Monitoring platform, Node Operators have access to:

  • Out-of-the-box Monitoring

    • Pre-configured alerts & dashboards that enable early detection of degradations in node performance

  • Actionable Blockchain Insights

    • Monitoring built for web3 with deep visibility into protocol-specific operations and participation in the Flow network

  • Enriched Observability & Redundancy

    • Actionable insights to benchmark node performance and easily pinpoint system, node, or network issues

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