Node Agent Offline

What are Node Agent Offline alerts?

The Metrika Node Agent will periodically gather system metrics, Prometheus metrics and scrape log files from your Flow node. This data is sent to the Metrika platform to provide node operators with insights and alerts into the operations of their Flow nodes. In order to provide these services, we require that the node agent is installed and operative on the respective Flow node. When the Metrika platform detects that it is not receiving any data from a node agent, it will trigger this alert.

How are Node Agent Offline alerts triggered?

Every minute we will check whether we are getting metrics from the node agent, if we don’t see any data from the node agent for 3 minutes, we will trigger this alert.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive an alert when your node agent is detected to be offline, this alert will continue to fire until the Metrika Platform receives data. Once the Metrika Platform receives data again, you will receive a follow-up clearing alert.

How do I resolve it?

The most common issue here is that the node agent is no longer functioning on the machine that the node is running on, likely due to uninstallation of the agent, a bug in the agent software, or issues in communication between the node agent and the Flow node. The other obvious item to check is whether the machine running the Flow node is online and whether the node agent can connect to the internet.

We recommend reinstalling the node agent and seeing if the alert is resolved within the next minute. You should also check your node agent configuration and network connectivity.

If you do find a bug in the node agent or have trouble reinstalling it, please get in contact with us at

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