Stake Changed

What are Stake Changed alerts?

A validator’s voting power corresponds to the fraction of their total stake (which includes the tokens that delegators stake with them on top of their self-delegated amount) over the total amount of AXLs staked in the network and is used to determine block proposers and rewards. If a validator’s total stake drops lower than the stake of the validator at the bottom of the active set, they will stop participating in the Axelar operations and accruing the corresponding rewards. To inform users of both negative and positive changes, we provide an alert when a validator’s stake changes by at least x%, where x is the alert threshold set by the user (default value: 10%).

How are Stake Changed alerts triggered?

Stake Changed alerts are evaluated every 15 minutes. Once our alerting system identifies that the stake of a validator increased or decreased by at least x% within 15 minutes, an alert will be triggered.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive a single notification per validator you are subscribed to informing you when a stake change has occurred.

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