Network Stalling

What are Network Stalling alerts?

In order for the network to progress and continue to process transactions, the finalized block height must continue to increase. If this height doesn’t increase for a set period of time then the network is deemed to be ‘stalling’. To let node operators know that the network is stalling and that any issues with their node are likely to be due to issues at the network level, we send a network stalling alert.

How is Network Stalling triggered?

Every two minutes we check the average finalized block height across the nodes that we’re monitoring, if this hasn’t increased then we will trigger the network stalling alert.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive a network-wide alert if the network is deemed to be stalling. You will then receive a follow-up clearing notification if the network resumes finalizing blocks.

How do I resolve it?

A node operator should check system metrics and whether any alerts were firing prior to the network stalling alert. This will help with any community recovery efforts and ensure that their node was adhering to the protocol prior to the network stalling.

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