Here are some common questions we receive. If you have further questions that are not addressed here, feel free to reach out to us at support@metrika.co or discord.

What is Metrika?

Metrika provides blockchain networks with performance and reliability tools through our operational intelligence platform. Our Axelar monitoring tools, available on the Metrika platform, allow for real-time monitoring and alerts, enabling users to take proactive measures to maintain optimal performance.

What powers these charts and alerts?

Our charts and alerts are powered by the data collected from the Axelar node that we operate. This data is ingested into our systems and used to synthesize and aggregate metrics that provide insight into the operations of the network. You can dive into the specifics of these metrics here.

How does a subscription work? How many subscriptions can I have?

A subscription is a set of alerts tied to a specific Axelar validator. Users can create a subscription for each Axelar validator they want to monitor, and there is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can create. To create a subscription for a validator, go to the Alert Subscriptions page. Check out our Getting Started documentation for instructions on how to set-up subscriptions.

Do I need to own an Axelar validator to create a subscription?

No, anyone can create a subscription on any valid Axelar validator but the operator address is required to create a subscription. It always starts with the “axelarvalop” suffix and you can find all validator operator addresses here.

How can I modify my subscriptions? What happens if I delete a subscription?

After a subscription is created, you can modify, mute, or delete the subscription.

  • Modify: Add or remove alerts for the subscription.

  • Mute: Turn off notifications for all alerts on the subscription. Alerts will still show up in the Alert Activity view in the platform, but notifications will not send until the subscription is un-muted.

  • Delete: Permanently delete the subscription and all alert history. This action is not reversible. You can always create a new subscription for the same validator at a later point, but the history of alerts can not be recovered.

Check out our Getting Started documentation for instructions on how to update subscriptions.

How can I make suggestions on features?

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us at support@metrika.co or discord.

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