Alert Notifications & Management

This page provides an overview of how to subscribe to alerts, manage your subscriptions, and set up notification integrations with incident response or messaging platforms.

Alert Subscriptions

Set-up subscriptions

A subscription is an alert or set of alerts tied to an Axelar validator. To subscribe to alerts follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Alert Subscriptions page to create a subscription.

  • Click on the "Create Subscription" button.

  • In the menu that appears, enter the validator operator address you want to monitor and an optional alias. Next, click on the alerts you want to enable, or click "Subscribe to All". To learn more about the alerts, check out descriptions of each alert in our Alert Types documentation.

  • Click "Create". The new subscription will now be listed in the Subscriptions table. Hooray!

  • Now that you have created a subscription, every time an alert is triggered you will receive an email with activity details. For the types of alerts that can be resolved, you will receive a follow-up email once the issue has been resolved.

Manage subscriptions

If you want to modify, mute, or permanently delete alerts, return to the Alert Subscriptions page.

  • Find the validator you want to change, and click on the three vertical dots to open up a dropdown menu. Alternatively, click the checkbox to select one or multiple validators.

  • Click "Modify" to add or remove alerts from the subscription.

  • Click "Mute" to turn off notifications for the validator. Note that while notifications will be paused, alert activity will still show up on the platform. After muting a validator, an icon will show up next to the validator name to indicate it has been muted. A muted subscription can be un-muted at any time to turn notifications back on.

  • Click "Delete" and then confirm the deletion action to remove the subscription and its associated alerts. This action is not reversible and the history of alerts for this validator will also be deleted. You can always create a new subscription for this validator at a later point, but its history of alerts will not be recovered.

Notification Integrations

Notifications are a key component of alerts to keep your team informed of issues in real-time. The Metrika Platform currently supports alert notifications for Email, PagerDuty, Slack, OpsGenie, Discord, Telegram, and Webhook.

Check out our Notification Integrations page for instructions on how to set up notification integrations.

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