Node Protocol Software Version

What are Node Protocol Software Version alerts?

The Node Protocol Software Version is defined by the relevant release tag (version) that is being used to run the Flow software. Each version of Mainnet has an associated release tag, these can be found here; for example, Flow Mainnet 20 uses protocol software version v0.28.6 . When the Flow network is ‘sporked’, the protocol software version will also be updated.

If a node is running an outdated version of the protocol software version, it’s very likely it will not be able to continue to participate in the Flow network and will be liable to loss of rewards or slashing.

The Node Protocol Software Version alert is used to notify node operators when their node is running an outdated version of the Flow software so that they can upgrade and keep the nodes that are running the network as up-to-date as possible, as quickly as possible.

How are The Node Protocol Software Version alerts triggered?

Every hour we will check the protocol software version that your node is running, if this version is outdated then we will trigger this alert.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive a single notification for your node if we detect that this node is running an outdated protocol software version. This notification will remain active until the version has been updated. You will receive a follow-up clearing alert if the version is updated.

Note: You may need to wait until the top of the next hour to receive this clearing alert

How do I resolve it?

To resolve this issue you will need to upgrade and run the most recent protocol software version on the affected node.

The most recent version can be found on the releases page of the Flow GitHub repository here. In the case of an emergency software update, the relevant version may be broadcasted in the flow-validators-announcements channel in Flow’s discord found here.

In order to update the protocol software version, please follow the instructions provided here for first-time setup, or here for after a spork. The calendar for sporks can be found here.

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