Network Overview Dashboard

The Network Overview dashboard provides transparency and real-time insights into the health and performance of the Flow Network.

Time Range

The Network Overview dashboard supports different time ranges to help you visualize health and performance history. Use the time picker in the top right corner of the page to choose the time range that best suits your operational needs.

Epoch Phase

The Epoch phase panel tracks the different phases of the current epoch (staking, setup, commit). This information is essential for node operators and delegators to understand the state of the network and the tasks they can perform at any given time, and plan accordingly.

  • When the Staking phase is in progress, the panel shows ETAs for the Setup and Committed phases.

  • When the Setup phase is in progress, the panel shows ETA for the Committed phase and the end time of the Staking phase.

  • When the Committed phase is in progress, the panel shows ETA for the Staking phase of the next epoch and the end time of the Setup phase.


The Uptime section monitors the uptime of the network and access nodes. High uptime is essential for maintaining the network's stability and reliability

Core Metrics

The Core Metrics section provides key performance indicators for the core processes of the Flow network:

  • Collection finalization rate: the rate at which collection nodes are finalizing collections

  • Block Finalization rate: the rate at which consensus nodes are finalizing blocks

  • Transactions per second being executed: the rate at which transactions are being executed by the execution nodes

  • Block sealing rate: the rate at which blocks are being sealed by the consensus nodes after the verification nodes have verified the execution results

Consensus Leaderboard

Shows the performance of consensus nodes based on their success rate in voting and proposing blocks as part of the consensus algorithm. The table can be sorted by either the Vote Success Rate or the Proposal Success Rate.

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